Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rainy Sunday Run

I headed off to Carol's this morning for our run and when I headed out the door it just just barely sprinkling but since who ever runs the universe has such a good sense of humor by the time I reached her house it was pouring.

We were both in good spirits and decided not to let the rain interrupt our running so off we went. It was really good and the rain wasn't that normal cold hard rain so running in it although we got really wet just felt refreshing.

After we did our planned 2:1's for 6 times we then made a game on the way back just cause we were feeling extra spunky today. We would walk about half a block then decide on an object further up the road to run to then we would go as fast as we could til we got there. Let me tell you how great it feels to get out there with a friend and just let loose. 

Now to relax the rest of the day away and maybe sneak in a nap...

Did you get a run in today? What was the weather like?