Saturday, March 8, 2014

Feeling Low

I don't know what has participated this but I am feeling incredibly low right now. I feel like just giving up on everything. Mentally I am having a difficult time I want to run and I remember when I used to run that running was something that I used to be able to accomplish.

Keep in mind that I was never fast and there were times I felt hard but since I have tried to come back to running it only seems that much harder. I realize that I am  a few years older now and a little overweight but really I can't seem to get past the 3 minute mark and it is mentally killing me.

Maybe my mind is running my body? Maybe I am just too overweight to really get my body back into it?

I headed out to try and run this morning with the idea of doing 5:1's. Ha the joke seemed to be one me considering this morning I struggled to even get to a minute. I am in such a funk mentally that I decided to just head back home. It was raining and where I am mentally I knew it was not going to happen.

So head hung low and almost in tears I came home. Today is just not the day but I aim to try again tomorrow and until then work at making my mind less funky. In that I mean get happy I realize that when I am in a good mood and head out the door for a run it feels way easier than when my mind is unhappy.

So I've made up my ind tomorrow I am going to head out to Bear Creek Park and get 5k in even if it kills me. Which I am pretty sure it won't. I guess I just need to get in the right mindset to do 5:1's. I'd be really silly if I didn't think that it won't be hard or not hurt just a bit. But I do remember that every time you go extra you feel better. My body may protest but I refuse to let it control me. i will just keep telling myself "you've done this before you know you can do it, KEEP GOING"

What is your secret to make running easier?