Saturday, February 8, 2014

Too Many Hills

When I am out for my normal runs in the neighborhood I guess I don't pay much attention until I want to hit a particular distance. Then I notice that where I live has way to many hills.

Although; I do have to admit it is a beautiful yet chilly day in Surrey. Maybe I just have unrealistic expectations but the hills were just killing me today. So I have decided that my long runs I am going to find a neighborhood or park that isn't so hilly for my long runs. I stick to my shorter runs being in this hilly neighborhood.

Today was one of those days where there was a mental argument going on as to whether I should or should not head out the door. Once I was out there the argument was still but changed slightly to tryign to convince myself that I can run.  I don't know why but today my mind was having fun trying to convince me that I couldn't do it.

Anyhow none of that matters because I did it. The run is done and I am still standing, well sort of. Time for a good snack and maybe a nap hmmmm. That sounds like it has potential.

Do you live in a hill neighborhood?