Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold Running

This is the first run I have been able to get in this week between my work schedule and being really tired. Of course I have to do this when we are having a cold snap in the Vancouver area.

cold weather photo:  brrr.gif

So I made sure I was bundled up good when I headed out the door. The plan was to do 2:1's and during the first 2 minutes running I thought that it may have been a horrible mistake because I felt like I was struggling. But by the send round of 2 minutes I felt pretty good so I just kept going.

So all in all at least I can say that I did get my run in today. Planning for doing 5k this weekend before the snow hits like the weatherman is threatening. In the meantime I am going to hope that he is wrong like he is most of the time.

Did you get a run in today? If so do you have decent temps or really cold?