Thursday, January 30, 2014

In A Groove

As I headed out this evening for my run I was secretly keeping my fingers crossed that it would just as good a run as I had on Tuesday.

fingers crossed photo: Fingers Crossed tumblr_ltauofDhUH1qh06mf.gif

So once again I did 1.5's :1's and it felt great even found that today I went faster than on Tuesday just for that added bonus.

bonus photo: bonus bonus.jpg

I don't know what it is about running in the evening but my body seems to really like it. So maybe I will save my daytime runs for the weekends and keep doing my runs at night unless my shift for the day screams otherwise.

Maybe it is because I have had all day to move around so my muscles are more loose. Just a guess but feeling as good as these last to runs have felt I am not going to second guess it. I will just enjoy.

Do you run better in the evenings or daytime?