Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finally A Run

It has been a really rough week in the Woodworth household. So in other words Darcy has had a super bad week and I spent to much of my time taking care of him when I wasn't at work it equaled no running for me.

running shoes photo: Running Shoes 29a--running_shoes1.png

Finally today he seems a little more together so I took the opportunity and headed out the door. I stuck to 1:1's today as I haven't been for a run in a week. Happy with myself though because I ended up doing 2.08 miles.

I need to start making preparations so that even when he is having a bad week or even few days that I can still get out for my run.  It is good for me mentally and physically.

On a good note though Katie has signed up with her school to do the Vancouver Sun Run this year in April. I plan on doing the same run but am pretty sure she will kick my butt as she is a much faster runner than me.

How do you get your run in when having a crazy week? Any suggestions?