Saturday, December 28, 2013

Extreme Frustration

Have you ever felt so frustrated that you feel like the hounds of hell are after you?

frustration photo: Frustration Image1.gif

That is how I am feeling today. I almost just want to walk out the door to never return. I have been dealing with Darcy having several episodes over the last week and today my first day of the weekend and he won't get out of bed. I just want to scream.

frustration photo: frustrasi frustration.jpg

I try to be understanding of what is going on but seriously how much is a person supposed to take before they just throw up their hands and walk. Don't get me wrong I love him and am not going to leave him but what I need is for him to be lucid enough to spend some time with me and accomplish what he says he's going to accomplish.

do what you say photo: Always do what you say artful-s-quotes-04.jpg

I have tried waking him up several times this morning to no avail. He said he was going to help clean the house, well I now have a good portion of it done and he still isn't up regardless of how many times I shake him and tell him to wake up. So obviously this weekend is headed for the crapper.

pile of crap photo: crap pile crap.jpg

Oh well, I guess at least tomorrow is a running day for me so I will get escape for a little bit.

How do you handle extreme frustration with someone?