Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Only Wish

Looking through my Facebook feed this morning one of my friends shared a video that was put up on YouTube of a woman who was going to have a double-mastectomy. The woman Dr. Deborah Cohan is an OBGYN who obviously is into enjoying life and embracing what life is giving her.

The video feature her and the surgical crew having a dance party in the operating room before her surgery. This kind of exuberance can't be faked and she is dancing for all that she is worth. I would like to extend a personal congratulations to Dr. Deborah Cohan for being full of courage and showing the world that even though you are facing serious surgery and whatever else may follow that you can still have a good time and smile.

I could only wish that if I ever faced this kind of situation or anything serious like it that I would be able to have the courage and gratitude to try to enjoy as much from life as possible (even if that included dancing in the OR).

Kudos, to Dr. Deborah Cohan and I wish you a speedy recovery so that you can make more YouTube videos of dancing that we all can enjoy and that also remind us to have fun with life regardless of what you are facing. And kudos to the staff in the OR that helped her create this video and took part in something that shows us all how we should be living in the moment.

Do you wish or hope that given a situation like this that you could be grateful and enjoying of all the little moments?