Monday, October 14, 2013

Thankful For A Long Weekend And The Run That Went With It

Here in Canada it is Thanksgiving long weekend and I am very thankful for having the whole weekend off.

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It has been a while since I ran outside as I have been doing most of my running on the treadmill at work. So yesterday I ventured out in the neighborhood to go for my run. I tried not a push myself to hard as I didn't want my first time back on the roads to injure myself.

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I tried not to focus on how far I went in the time that I spent running and I stuck to doing 3:1's so that I wasn't thrashing my body. When I was done I quite surprised myself I ended up going 3.24 km in 28 minutes and I felt great; nothing hurt and I wasn't gasping for breath.

I still don't fully understand why when I run on the road I end up going faster than when I am on the treadmill. Maybe I am still holding back a bit when I'm on the treadmill for fear of falling off and face planting but whatever the case I ended up feeling great for the rest of the day. And I burned off all the extra calories I was going to take in eating a great Thanksgiving turkey dinner at mom's.

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So I spent some time thinking about this last evening and have decided that at least one run a week will be done on the roads in my neighborhood therefore I won't let my body become to dependent on the softer surface of the treadmill.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone