Friday, August 16, 2013


Wow, finally the end of the week has arrived I am looking forward to having 2 whole days off. My plans for the weekend are a little boring though.

friday photo:  Animal_zps5c49ad57.jpg">

Plans for this weekend include grocery shopping and relaxing. Part of the weekend that I am most looking forward to is upping my time back to 2 min running and 1 walking on Sunday.

weekend plans photo: My weekend plans :) tumblr_mfrbm917Ag1rc2t7uo1_500_zps0cdb85ec.jpg">

Yesterday at work when I ran it felt great the entire time. I wish all runs could feel like that one. You know the one where your in the zone almost from the moment you start and you feel like you could go on forever. Unfortunately, my lunch break is only 45 minutes so that helped keep me from overdoing it.

So I figure it might be a good thing that yesterday I walked away from the treadmill feeling like I could do more. Now I am really looking forward to Sunday.

When was the last time you started out a run in the zone?