Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Run Weather Not So Sure

When I got up this morning I thought that I would have a nice cup of coffee and head out for my run. The weather when I stepped outside though made me think twice as there was several dark looking clouds. It turned out to be a good thing that I decided to wait though.

dark clouds photo: Dark Clouds 09 DarkClouds09.png">

Within a half hour of me deciding to wait to go for my run we heard a few loud rounds of thunder and then it down poured for a little while. After a while it started to look like it was lightening up so that is when I decided to get out the door. It was now or never.

run quotes photo: Run for your life RunForYourLife.jpg">

So out I went while I felt like I was taking it pretty easy and wasn't pushing myself to hard for fear of making my ankle hurt I was pretty surprised at how far I went. I was doing 1.5 min running and 1 min walking 8 times and I ended up going 2.83km in 24 minutes. I know it might no be that impressive to some but for me that was a great time especially when I felt like I wasn't pushing to hard.

Got my laundry done earlier this morning so now just to relax and enjoy the rest of Sunday (maybe even sneak a glass of wine in later).

Did you head out for a run today?