Thursday, August 1, 2013

Standing Still Again?

That's right I'm not sure if I mentioned it but my ankle has been bothering me for a week now. Went and saw a Dr. yesterday and apparently I have sprained my ligaments in my left ankle.

sprained ankle photo: Sprained ankle:( Sprainedankle.jpg">

I didn't even think it was sprained because I never even rolled my ankle or had any sort of mishap other than all of a sudden it hurt. Heck, I wasn't even running when the pain started.

confused photo: confused _.jpg">

But I digress, so I am not allowed to run for about a week or so depending on when the pain goes away. It felt like a kick in the teeth because I felt like I was doing really well with my training and was actually able to the last time I ran go for 3 minutes without stopping. As the Dr. stated though now I am pretty much going to have to start back at square one. AARRGGGHHH.

Have you ever been sideswiped with an injury that seemed to come out of nowhere?

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