Monday, August 19, 2013

My Weekend In A Nutshell (Running, Zombie's and Piercing)

This weekend was quite busy although, I have to say it has been the best one we have had since camping a few weeks ago. My Saturday morning started off with watching my daughter and her friend get ready for the annual Zombie Walk in Vancouver.

They didn't get back from the walk until around 8pm and they had more fake blood on them than they had left with. Looking at some of the images from the walk online, I did find one of Katie with a friend she made while at the Zombie Walk.

Sunday morning was spent running around trying to get my clothes and everything organized for the week ahead. After what felt like an eternity I finally got out for my run. I ended up doing 3.03km in 27 minutes and I felt great (no pain whatsoever).

In the afternoon since it was the weekend that Katie got paid (yikes). Yep, that meant the piercing that she has been eyeballing for the last couple of months. She decided on an industrial piercing. So off we went to get that done.

As usual she never even flinched while getting the piercing. She always get them done at Paul's Piercing in Surrey and every time she asks the same question. "Is it going to hurt?" and inevitably Paul always has the same answer for her "It won't hurt me a bit but thanks for asking" He is always good humored when dealing with teenagers.

Finally, last night I got to relax a bit and get myself mentally prepared for the week ahead and am looking forward to my run on Tuesday (which I am going to do on the treadmill at work on my lunch).

How was your weekend?