Monday, August 12, 2013

Contenment? A Little Better

Lately, I have been focusing on being a little more content with my life and where I am right now.

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I realize that although I am not where I want to be career-wise, I will eventually get there. It does not mean that I have stopped looking or applying. It just means that I am trying to take it in stride. I will get there when the time is right.

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Between trying to keep things together at home and take care of Darcy and Katie. Running has been providing me with the sanity I so greatly need. Some days it is really hard because it feels like I am dealing with 2 children not just 1. It doesn't make me love him any less but makes me love him more and I see the importance of letting those around you know that you love them because anything can happen.

So that is what I have been focusing on lately. Still looking for a position in a hospital because that is where I want to be, taking care of my husband and my child and I think most importantly taking care of myself (that is where the running fits in).

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