Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Call Center Tips #2

As promised here is another rendition of Call Center Tips.

Today, I want to focus on another aspect of how to have a successful and efficient call center. Loyalty.

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In order to have a successful and efficient call center you need to breed a certain amount of loyalty in not only your client but your staff. If you don't have loyalty in your staff they will never try to raise the bar or do the absolute best that they can do.

Why? You may ask. Well, it is quite simple if there is no loyalty in your staff there is no vested interest in making the call center or any workplace successful.

For example, my last position before my current position I was working for a company that bred loyalty thru the simple fact that the owners were honest and upright and the good bonuses didn't hurt either. Anyway, I digress. They had just started outsourcing some of the work to the Philippines.

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Although, they never promised that we would be able to keep out positions due to their outsourcing when offered the opportunity to go and help train the outsourcing centers in the Philippines, I jumped at it.

It was one of the best experiences of my life. I didn't go for completely selfish reasons and trained the outsourcing centers as to exactly how I did things. They ended up being so good that within a few months I found myself being laid-off. Was I upset, not really I knew it as coming because they never told me that my position was secure. They did not beat around the bush and were forthright at all times even if the employees did not like what they were hearing. That alone builds a certain amount of loyalty.

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Even though I haven't worked for this company for about 3 years now I still have respect for the owners. So truth be told if you are a supervisor, management, or owner of a company you need to BE HONEST AND FORTHRIGHT with your employees. The loyalty that it will breed can last far longer than you think.

If changes are coming down the pike let the employees know what the changes will be. Please try to stay away from saying "everything will remain status quo for now" because all that does is make loyalty waver and the employees question what is really going on. If your employees don't trust you, you will lose respect and loyalty faster than you can say "respect breeds loyalty"

Until next time...