Monday, July 29, 2013

When To See A Doctor

Sorry, I haven't been on here much over the last week or so but I was doing some training for work and found that it was completely exhausting me. But I am happy to report that I was able to keep my running up thanks to the gym at work.

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Anyhow I have been feeling great about my running until this last Thursday. My run on the treadmill went great and so did the rest of the day. At 8pm that night I took to a pain in my left ankle (on the inside of the left ankle). So I iced it and kept it elevated hoping that would do the trick.

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Unfortunately, it didn't. The next morning it even hurt to go up and down stairs and at certain angles I get shooting pain right up into my toes. So, I spent Friday and Saturday night icing, compressing, and elevating it to no end. It still hurt pretty bad on Sunday morning but I thought it would be the real test if I could run or not.

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So I headed out yesterday morning full prepared to come crawling home but at the first 10 sec on my run where I limped my body fell into rhythm and I was able to do my 2 minutes of running and I did it 7 times. The real pain came when I started to walk and by last night the pain was indescribable.

Here I am Monday morning with the day off and I am contemplating as to whether I should go have my ankle looked at. It still hurts to walk and going up and down stairs is like doing it on glass but I just don't know if I should be taking this pain very seriously or if I should just keep resting and icing it.

What do you suggest?