Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunny Sunday Run

It is a glorious, beautiful Sunday, what a perfect day for a run. I headed out this morning before the heat really started to kick in, which in the lower mainland here is around noon.

happy sunday photo: Sunday happy-sunday.jpg">

I was kind of leery before I started running this morning. My legs just felt like lead. I told myself that if they didn't feel better within the first couple of 1 min runs that I could always turn around and head home.

tin man photo: tin man the-tin-man-jack-hayley.jpg">

Luckily though after the first couple of 1 min runs my legs felt great. I am really happy that so far working on my form has helped stave away the dreaded shin splints. I feel better after my runs and am finding that my breathing recovers faster after I am done the run.

happy sunday photo: happy sunday happy-sunday2.gif">

So now how to spend the rest of my last day of vacation? I think I will try to finish the book I am currently reading. It is Eat And Run by Scott Jurek. It is a really good read so far. Although, I am finding that it is one of those inspirational books that makes you want to head out and try an Ultra but I keeping telling myself before you can do anything like that focus on even getting to 5k, as an Ultra is very far off in my future (if ever). It is a nice idea though.

What are your plans for today? Did you get a run in?