Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Cold + Lack of Running= :(

This cold that I have seems to be hanging on for dear life. Just when I think I am starting to feel better, I wake up the next day feeling even worse. Although, I must say that today has been the best that I have had in a week. So hopefully, the tide is starting to turn.

sick photo: Sick TinySickinBed_zpsa02fbc4d.gif">

I even felt good enough that I got on the elliptical for 20 minutes and didn't cough my face off the entire time. Score for me. If I feel as good tomorrow as I do today I am going to go for a run tomorrow night in the evening when the temperature cools down.

hot weather photo: hot hot.gif">

It has been really hot here in the Vancouver area for the last few days but come the evening it cools downs to an temp that is more bearable. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I still feel well enough tomorrow.

Have you ever had a summer cold? They are the worst aren't they?