Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ready For Sunday Run

It has been a busy week of work and chasing things. When I say chasing things let me explain a bit. 1) Chasing my teenage daughter to check in when she goes and has a double sleepover at a friends, so that I know she is alive and well. 2) Chasing Darcy to take his pills on time (which sometimes includes a call upstairs from work to get my mother-in-laws boyfriend to come downstairs and wake him up to take his pills, make the Dr. appointments. 3) Come home and chase dinner or well at least cook it.

chasing rainbows photo: Chasing Rainbows ChasingRainbows.gif">

Although, I did get my run in on Thursday morning at work on the treadmill. It was great and I felt awesome. I ended up doing 1:1's for half an hour with a total mileage of 2.92k. I know for some people that's not very much but the farther I go the happier I am with my run. So far, so good to considering I haven't have any shin pain for weeks now.

I run quotes photo: i run th2w73lzb.jpg">

So at this point I can completely say that I feel ready to bump it up to 2 min running and 1 min walking this Sunday. Lately, when I am running I feel good and energized for the rest of the day. It also helps me out when I am feeling frustrated with what is going on with Darcy or life in general.

Does running help you mentally deal with problems?