Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camping Fun

We left on Saturday morning to go camping out near Bridal Falls, BC. It was a glorious weekend to do it too. Not a drop of rain in the forecast but there was definitely lots of sun.

Once we got there which took just about an hour. The girls (Katie and her friend Kate-lynn got busy setting up the tent.

They had a good time setting up the tent and refused any and all help when they got stuck. Our friends Chuck and Lisa arrived a short time later and at that point it was full relax mode.

That's right Darcy laying down, he does a lot of that nowadays. Not the same get up and go guy he always was. Just the trip up there exhausted him and he spent the better part of the next day sleeping.

The kids went to the heated swimming pool at Camperland and then came back to the campsite even sillier than they left.

As I was taking this picture the only thing going through my head was the voice of Jeff Foxworthy saying "You might be a redneck" It was hilarious it took 2 people of get her out of the Rubbermaid tote cause she got stuck.

The next day while Darcy was doing a lot of sleeping the girls went off to the Waterslide Park which is right next to the campground. They were gone for the better part of the day were absolutely exhausted by the time evening came around. Just picture it 2 teenage girls and they wanted to go to bed and sleep around 8pm.

The next morning they got up bright and early for hot chocolate but it didn't keep them up for long. After they had the hot chocolate and started a fire, they zonked out for the next couple of hours.

Even Tia was being lazy that morning.

After they decided to wake up for the day, we climbed in the car and drove to Bridal Falls to see the waterfalls. Thankfully with how tired everyone was the hike up the trails to the falls was only about 15 minutes, but definitely worth the hike.

It was so breathtaking to see natural beauty like that. It is so massive that looking up at it makes any problem you are having seem pretty insignificant. I could have stayed there all day and just marveled at it but the girls wanted to go back and chillax.

All in all it was a great weekend with great friends and we are looking forward to doing it again. I was really proud of myself because I even snuck in a run on Sunday morning. I don't know how far I went but I did my 1 min running 2 min walking 9 times and felt great.

How did you spend this last weekend?