Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stanfest And Burgers (Brains)

Didn't get everything that I was going to get done yesterday done. We headed off to Stanfest around 7pm. It was great to see people that I only see a few times a year.

The funniest things happen when you get groups like this together. While doing the sound check Rob and his group actually stopped a train.

To better explain this Stan has a junkyard which is were this fest took place. Behind his yard there is a raised railroad. As the train was approaching they realized there was a show taking place. So as any good blooded Canadian who loves music would have done. They stopped the train. Good thing it was a freight train not a passenger train. LOL. They hung around for about 10 minutes and tooted the horn a couple of times when they were leaving. It was absolutely hilarious.

I was so proud even though Darcy was having a hard day. He was able to get up on stage and do a couple of songs.

You can't see it in the picture but Darcy was shaking and it took every ounce of strength and concentration for him to be able to do it. He did some shortened versions of his songs partly because he was having some serious anxiety but also because he has been having such a hard time with memorizing songs that he wrote years ago and sometimes the chords for the songs. So the shorter the better for him.

After a while the kiddies we getting restless and hungry. I would be showing pic's of her friend Kate-lynn but I have not asked permission from her mom to post pic's on here of her.

So off we went to Burger King but not before grabbing a picture of Rob's Hurse. That is right I said Hurse. Rob is the only guy I know who uses a coffin as a coffee table and has a hurse to drive his coffin to the cemetery in.

Here's the proof.

Burger King was a great time.

It was nice to see Katie super relaxed and enjoying herself even when her father pretended to eat her brains for the picture.

We were going to leave Burger King and head off to the Relay-For-Life, but ended up just going home because Darcy at this point had way to much excitement for one day and he was done (literally). He was worried that I was going to be upset with him but truthfully I wasn't. I know how hard it is for him because I see him struggling every day with just the day to day stuff without all the extra's attached.

All in all though it was a great night and I have several positive memories to take away from the experience.

What did you do for fun Saturday night?