Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Self Pep Talks

I went for my run this morning another round of 1 min running and 1 min walking, 10 times. At first I wasn't sure I had the energy to give it a real shot but once I started running I felt great.

just do it quotes photo: Just Do It' avatar_22749.jpg">

I am very happy to announce that this is week number 2 without shin pain. It is glorious and I hope to never experience that pain again (fingers crossed). Even though I felt great, I still find that I give myself little pep talks during my 1 min walking.

Do you ever give yourself pep talks?

pep talk photo: Pep talk Thestairs_zps18bee375.jpg">

I admit now that I probably look a little strange during my 1 min walks because I mumble to myself telling myself how much further I have to go, or how great I am doing right now. Also mentioning to myself to just keep focusing on form.

strange looks photo: Sure looks strange to me purplepeopleeater-1.jpg">

I think it probably looks quite amusing to tell the truth but none of that matters because it is helping get to where I want and need to be.

Have you even gotten strange looks when you run or talk to yourself?