Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rest Day Not Quite

I ended up opting for yesterday being my real rest day.

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I didn't even do my elliptical training because tonight is going to be a long night. First we are going to Stan fest party that my husband's friend Stan throws every year with lots of good original bands.

After that we (Darcy, Katie, her friend Kate-lynn and I) will be heading off to the Richmond Oval because I bought a round for Relay-For-Life. So we will spend an hour later this even walking the Richmond Oval. YAY. That is why yesterday was my rest day.

Another reason it was rest day yesterday and I didn't end up on here is because it was also a special day. It was Darcy and I's 16th anniversary.


Here he is sitting on the floor giving Tia some love.

Katie had just finished her last project in metal art and gave it to us as an anniversary present.

All in all it was a good day and a great anniversary. Looking forward to tonight and even more forward to running tomorrow.

What did you do for excitement today?