Saturday, June 22, 2013

H2O Run 5k

We were up early in the Woodworth household this morning. Getting Katie and me ready for the race. We arrived at Riverfront Park were the run was being held, uplifted by happy tunes in the car ride over there.

Only when we started doing the warm-up did I realize that I should not have left my camera with Darcy.

The warm-up was fun and Katie was doing more giggling than warming up. Of course we both felt like we were really uncoordinated.

I ended up walking most of the 5k because my shin was killing me at the 1k mark. But I am happy because regardless of it was running or walking I finished (without crawling).

Katie of course came in way ahead of me. I believe her time was around the 40 min mark.

I am so proud of her that she was able to accomplish it in such a good time even though she has the starting phase of a cold. So she felt like crap but she did it anyways.\

She looked all comfortable lounging on the ground with Darcy and pickle by the time I crossed the finish line. It took me 1 hour and 5 min but I don't care cause I beat everyone who never even got out of bed, not that I was the last to cross the finish line anyways.

I don't like this picture and can't wait until I lost a bit more weight with all this exercising so I don't look as frumpy.

A cute thing did happen during the race though. This group of teenagers were picking daisies during the race and we handing it out to all the runners/walker for partaking in the event. It was a spirit up lifter to say the least.

What did you accomplish this Saturday?

Did you train or race?