Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trying To Stay Positive

The new shoes were not as magical as I had hoped they would be.

By the time I had finished my second 3 min run, I thought I was being sent for. My shins just don't want to cooperate. Maybe it was because I was purposefully run slow that I am screwing up the way my body normally moves.

Oh well, next time I am just going to let loose and just run at whichever pace my body decides it wants to do.

Other than my poor shins my feet feel great. I should also mention that while I was doing the running part I felt good my shins didn't even hurt really until I stopped to do the 1 minute walk. Maybe my body just doesn't like to walk and wants to keep running so it is protesting. Oh well, it is just a thought.

How do you try to stay positive after a disheartening run?