Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Threat Of Shin Splints

It is what I have been fearing and avoiding talking about. I am pretty sure that I have the start of shin splints.

So, since my next run day is Sunday I am going to be doing a lot of stretching and resting of my lower legs. Maybe I will look at a new pair of shoes since the ones I have switched to when I feel the inside do not appear to have any arch support. Yikes!!

It is either that or I have been entertaining arch support insoles. Has anyone here tried them? If so, did they work?

Other that the feeling of shin pain the run this morning was good. I found a breathing rhythm pretty quickly so there was not a lot of gasping for air. It was also a beautiful morning out there with the sun shining which is good cause when I went to bed last night it was pouring outside.

Is it beautiful running weather where you are?

Have you dealt with shin pain and how?