Monday, April 22, 2013

Trying To Keep Busy

Another permanent position opened up at my work internally so I applied. Instead of getting worked up about the possibility of not getting it or getting to excited about the possibility of getting it. I have decided to just try to keep myself mentally and physically occupied.

So yesterday I kept busy by exercising, cleaning up around the house and even went so far as to try and nap. Also went thru some of my pictures on my phone which helped keep my mind occupied with cuteness and a very confused plant.

See the above confused plant. What I have learned is that Philodendrons are usually supposed to be either split leaved or full leaved. Mine is both, some of the leaves are split while others are not. It also seems to me that the split leaves have minds of their own. If you look at the split leave towards the back you will see that it is standing up almost waving if you will.

Other pictures that I thought were just too cute were of Tia.

I am not sure why but Tia always feels the need to cover whatever she has with her paw. Yeah, you protect that Tia because that is everyone's life dream, too steal your nasty, slobbered and chewed on rawhide. She's so funny.

How do you keep your mind occupied?