Monday, November 5, 2012

Not Without Excitement

You know how yesterday I thought I would be busy but that I knew all that I would have to do. Well once again Murphy's Law has stepped in.

So, it started out innocent enough Katie mentioned to me that her right side of her lower abdomen was hurting. I trying not to panic either her or myself said ok we will wait a couple of hours and see if it gets worse. Thinking it could be the start of appendicitis but not wanting to jump to conclusions.

So the next thing that happened made me panic. Katie was upstairs and was going to make herself something to eat when all of a sudden she needed to sit down. My mother in law called and told me to come upstairs because she was getting worse fast. When I got upstairs she was barely coherent and when I tried to help her off the chair she passed out on me. Not only did she pass out on me, she also was covered in a layer of sweat. Tim picked her up and put her on the couch while I dialed 911.

We went to the hospital via ambulance and I stayed as long as I could considering that I had to go to work for 4pm. Darcy arrived at the hospital having a full blown panic attack and gripping his chest but I had to leave because of work and they still had not done the ultrasound yet. So Darcy contacted me around 6pm to let me know that they were going to do a CT scan as well until the Dr. saw the urinalysis result and that made him stop in his tracks. Came back and told Darcy it is a severe kidney infection and that she needed IV antibiotics.

While I am relieved that it was not appendicitis I am concerned that she was running around with a bad kidney infection without letting anyone know she was in pain. Last night she was right out of it due to the pain medication they gave her so I asked her how long it has been hurting. she smiled at me and said "5 days". I told her that she needed to let me know when something is hurting because you can't leave stuff like that or you could get super sick (hence the passing out on me). Hopefully she listens to that advice but then again she is a kid and we all know that kids rarely take advice that is given to them.

Did you have any excitement on Sunday?