Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thoughts On A Sunday

I would love to say that it is a lazy Sunday but this Sunday has been anything but.

I was going to go grocery shopping early this morning but it didn't work out that way because Katie wanted a little more time to get ready to come with me. Then I held up the races because I got caught up in watching the move The Blind Side. What a great Sunday movie to be on tv.

When thinking about going above and beyond that movie protrays it all. It definately serves as a reminder to help the people in your world and even more to the people who are in need of the help.

After grocery shopping we went to the dollar store because Katie has decided that instead of buying lunch everyday at school she is going to start taking lunches and only buying lunch on Friday's. So in true teenage fashion she choose a really out there lunch box and a Spiderman sandwich container. That's right folks I said a Spiderman sandwich box.

The rest of the afternoon was quite pleasant. Amanda and her fiance stopped by and it was really nice seeing her since she lives with her boyfriend and doesn't come out this way very often. Now to just spend the rest of the evening relaxing.

How did you spend your Sunday?