Sunday, October 14, 2012

STOP Don't Say It!!!

Have you ever noticed that Murphy's Law really does exist.

Over the past couple of days I have watched it in true fashion. On Thursday night before the Dr. appointment Darcy was trying to tell me that his memory and that is getting better. I begged to differ and since then I have been proven right and him wrong so here's the list.

1. Morning of appointment almost double dosed with his heart medication
2. Stole a National Geographic from the
3. Then forgot the gauze and wrap for Katie's latest wound in my car. (Will let you know about that in a minute)
4. Almost shoplifted at Shoppers Drug Mart. When he picked up the new gauze he almost put it in the pocket of his jacket right there in the aisle.
5. Proceeded to lose the stolen National Geographic.

As for Katie's latest war wound. Well she had hurt her archilles tendons in both ankles so the Dr. said she was not allowed to run or participate in gym class. So she told the teacher she could do weight training on her upper body to still sort of participate in class. Next thing I know I am getting a call on Thursday morning to come and get her from the school and take her to the hospital. Yep, now she has hurt her hand.

So 7 stitches later we got to leave the hospital. At this point I swear if we did not have bad luck we would not be having any luck at all. It would be wonderful if we could get everything sorted with Darcy and go through at least 1 school year without Katie get hurt.

So remember to be careful and don't say that it won't happen to you because it will just temp fate to prove you wrong.

Stay Safe!!

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