Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loyalty & Trust= Valued

What earns your loyalty for something?

What creates trust for you?

The truth is for me at least that loyalty is earned and usually by more than just receiving a paycheque. It comes down to feeling like a valued person whether it be a valued employee, valued friend it doesn't matter as long as you feel valued.

For example you could make all the money in the world but if your workplace makes you feel like a peon, you are not likely to any loyalty and the first company to come and offer a position to you where they make you feel valued, you will be out the door. I think that we all seek the feeling of being valued. But then there is still a piece of the puzzle missing.

The next part of the equation is trust. If there is no trust there is no foundation on which to create a relationship and how can you have loyalty towards a person or company that you do not trust. The relationship would be to gaurded and the loyalty would slip away over time by possibly perceived slights.

Si as far as I can figure the only way to feel trully valued is to have both parts of loyalty and trust. Without either part of the equation feelings will erode and you will be left with nothing.

What makes you feel valued?