Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If Only ...

That is what has been going through my head lately on many levels.

If Only... and it could be applied to several things. So here is the beggining of my If Only list.

If only we knew what was going on with Darcy medically and could get it fixed.

If only I could manage to quit smoking.

If only I get get s permanent position either where I work or at one of the many hospitals in the city.

If only we could go at least one year without katie getting hut in one way or another.

If only our financial situation were better I would be able to take some courses part time to help towards getting my Nursing degree.

If only I had more time in my personal life so tht I could have a social life again.

If only it was easier to keep in touch with friends.

If only the house would clean itself. (i think this is a common wish of all women who end up cleaning up after everyone else.)

If only...

I am sure that I could go on with this theme all day and end up with an 80 page post but I won't to spare your eyes. But maybe this will become a weekly event and call if If Only.. Thursdays or something. What do you think?