Monday, October 22, 2012

Completely Horrified

Something happened yesterday at the mall and it has been eating at me ever since.

Darcy and I were at the mall to load up his Wind phone for another month and there was a guy behind us talking on his cell phone. Normally I don't listen in on other people conversations but he was talking loudly and the words that were falling out of his mouth ired me.

It started off with talking about going to the Whitecaps game that was to take place yesterday and how his mother did not want him to be driving cux she didn't want him driving drunk. He then went on to explain to his friend on the phone that the police don't know how to do their jobs and how there were never any roadblocks which would stop him from drinking and driving.

His mothers concern about him driving drunk is apparently not unfounded as then he went on to explain that he had driven back from Hope the previous night drunk and how he drank a twixer before heading to the mall. I wanted to turn around and say something or well ok truth be told punch him in the face but that would have just gotten me into trouble.

How does one grow up in society today and still think this type of behavior is ok and to talk about it like it is nothing. How does one justify this to themselves? I find that I feel nothing but disgust for this type of behavior. Maybe his mother should call the cops if she suspects that he has been drinking and driving not just ask for him to make sure he gets a ride. I know that if it was either the my kids that is what I would do to try to teach them a lesson before life taught them an even harder lesson were they would not be able to make amends because someone had died or been incapacitated for the rest of their lives.

I tried to small to see if i could smell the alcohol but all I could smell was dudes cologne which was overpowering probably to cover up the smell of booze. To bad you can't accuse someone of driving drunk while they are standing in the mall.

Have you ever had an experience like this?