Thursday, October 18, 2012

Changing Viewpoints

Over the last while i have watched an incredible change within Katie.

In the past few months i have watched my child go from an almost depressed state back to the happy kid she always was. Of course change is not always easy for instance she had to say goodbye to someone she considered a good She tried bringing her friend into the light with her but her friend refused to go and instead did everything in her power to bring Katie back down. Fortunately though Katie has stood strong and now is hanging out with friends she used to hang with back in grade school. These friends help keep her on the right track.

Other positive changes have taken place with her as well. She now has a fire, ambition to get things done and is much more open about talking. Especially about the boyfriend and things that are taking place at school. She is also going out more which is a huge change since she spent most of last year hiding in her bedroom claiming she was tired.

When I look at these changes in her I beam with pride that my daughter is happy, healthy, a little accident prone yes but has the drive and desire to succeed in life. Truthfully what else could a parent ask for?