Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bullying: When Is Enough Going To Be Enough

When I first checked out facebook this morning I saw a post that deeply disturbed me. A person that one of my friends daughter knew committed suicide yesterday as a result of bullying. First, I would like to say that anyone who loses someone the know or care about to suicide has my condolences. The feeling of loss can be definately overwhelming, I think even more so in these kind of circumstances. We keep seeing more and more of this in our society and my question is when is enough going to be enough.

I do know have the answers as to how we can stop bullying but something needs to be done. I know that I went through bullying when i was younger but it was also alot easier to avoid because the only way to be bullied was either in person or over the phone. The sociopaths that are bullying these days have too many tools at their disposal such as Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of media. Note that I describe these people as sociopaths. I do this because the people that are going around bullying are only thinking of themselves and will only be affected if it directly has an impact on them which is the classic description of a sociopath.

With the incident that happened in the US last year where the bullies started being charged with anything the DA could think of in regards to a teen girl that had committed suicide due to bullying are onto something. It is about time that we take this seriously and there are swift consequences to the acts of bullying and these consequences need to be accross the board. I think that if you are caught bullying on Facebook or Twitter or other social media that your account should be suspended immediately and all offending information be handed over to the local authorities who in turn need to take it seriously and starting visiting people's home. Same goes if you are caught bullying in school, the bully or bullies need to be removed immediately to let the person who is being bullied know that we as a society are there to help protect them.

I do not know if new laws is the way to go or if we as a society just need to pay more attention from the teachers to even just the person walking down the street for signs of someone who is in distress but we need a way that saves our young from feeling the need to committ suicide and the first place to start would be to eliminate the bullying from the schools and society. If we make it so that the act of bullying gets shunned we may find that the incidents of bullying goes down. Just like a long time ago when teenage pregnancy was low because of the fear of being shunned or disgracing your family. All I know is something needs to be done.

What are your ideas of eliminating bullying from our society?

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