Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthday Shopping & Sleepless Nights

Well yesterday was a wonderful day and the dinner that mom made was great. My favorite roast beef with yorkshire pudding and for desert an angel food cake with 7 minute maple frosting. I came home from dinner almost as tired as I get from Thanksgiving dinner.

So instead of staying up super late like I had planned by 1130pm I was a goner. I am not surprised though I even packed away 5 yorkies and then a piece of cake.

Today I am going to do my birthday shopping my grandfather and my mother arrange for me to have money to get clothes every year for my birthday.

This year it is definately appreciated since I have lost almost 20 pounds and most of my clothes no longer fit me and it has gotten to the point that I have even been threatening to get some suspenders to help keep my pants up.

Oh well I am off I'll let you know later how the shopping goes and maybe some pics as to what I scored.

Have an awesome Tuesday...