Thursday, September 20, 2012

Overworking The Goals

I had a startling thought this morning I realized that my goals are running my life. Instead of enjoying life as I make small steps towards my goals I let them completely take over. When I am focused on my goals everything falls by the wayside including my enjoyment in simple things.

I get so caught up in how to reach my goals that they completely take over my thoughts and my actions. Simply put it is like being a workaholic. So I think that it is time for me to step back and focus a little bit on my life and enjoying things.

So for right now I am just going to enjoy what life has to offer and not focus entirely on my goals. I'm not saying that I am giving up my goals just that I am not going to make my goals the center of my universe and stop letting them take over my whole life because life is more than just what your goals are.

How do you find balance with life and your goals?