Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Looking Up & Running

The first thing I should let you know is that my frame of mind this week is looking alot better. I no longer am feeling seriously depressed and am doing physical things to help keep me in a better place mentally.

Yesterday I ran and it felt great. I did 1:1's 10 times and feel like I am finally on my way to fully getting back to running. I know it is too late to finish training for 5k in time to do the CIBC Run For The Cure so I have decided I am going to aim to do the Santa Shuffle at the beginning of December.

The race takes place at Stanely Park every year. I did it once before and it was fun so I figure this will be a good one to start running at the races again. Don't get me wrong I have no thoughts of grandeur like winning the race or anything but it will be nice to start collecting race numbers and shirts again. My only goals are to finish and not to be last. I was also able to twist Katie's rubber arm and she has agreed to do the race with me. It is definately something to look forward to.

At this point I feel like moving towards any of my many goals is a good thing.

Are you planning on running at any races this fall?