Thursday, September 13, 2012

Looking For The Silver Lining

I woke this morning just a little brighter than yesterday so hopefully this means that I am starting back on the upswing. Which is a very good thing because yesterday I was at my breaking point and spent most of the day in tears. So today I have decided with my mind being in a little better shape to look at the silver lining.
A few thing which I am listing for my silver lining 1) With Darcy being off of work he is no longer working retarded hours 60-90 a week. 2) Having him be vunerable is allowing me to feel like I actually get to show how much I love him. 3) Being healthy enough to start running again. 4) Working almost full time hours at work allows me to earn a bit more which helps more than you will know. 5) Watching Katie really start to enjoy highschool. 6) Knowing that I have friends that care. Those are just a few for starters. Hopefully as the days wear-on I will add some more as they come to me. The way I am hoping it will be is that things will geet brighter and less antagonizing.
How do you find your silver lining?