Saturday, September 8, 2012

Help I'm Stuck

For the last while I have started getting more and more fustrated with everything that has been going on around me. It also seems like the more I try to move forward the harder it is becoming. I feel almost like I am stuck in the mud so to speak.
Sometimes I just wish things coud be easier. It would be nice to finally get a REAL position at work and then I would be able to start getting done what I need to do to get towards my goal of being a nurse. Also alot more money would help with that goal as well. So if I could only win the lottery I might stand a chance considering the fact that I am not related to someone with millions or billions of dollars like Bill Gates because at that point I could probably ask for loan. Oh well I guess that is why they call it wishing.
So I just keep plodding along and looking for ways to get to my final destination and I guess that as long as I can get there without it being like the move Final Destination I will be okay.
In the meantime if you are rich and would like to help someone get to their end goal feel free to drop me a line. LOL Do you ever find yourself stuck and what do you do to get yourself unstuck?