Thursday, August 16, 2012

Too Hot To Anything

Don't get me wrong as I love warm weather but this heat that we have been having is just a little over the top.
I think I might be feeling the heat a little more because I work nights. Our bedroom heats up like a firepit from first thing in the morning so sleeping past 8am is at this point just a dream (even with a fan going 24 hours a day). If it were just a few degrees cooler I would find that to be much more desirable.
Anywho hoepfully this heatwave will let up a little bit soon so that I could get more sleep. I have been keeping myself busy with reading and crocheting and plan on starting to run once again this weekend so that I can get into the shape I want to be in and be able to run the CIBC run For The cure in october.
So that is my goal for this weekend starting on Sunday I will start running every second day til I am where I want to be physically and as always it helps emotionally. What are your tips for surviving a heatwave?