Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sleep And Zombie's

With all the heat that we have had over the last week or so it has been really taking a toll on my whole sleep thing. It has been so warm that I have not been sleeping but more like napping with lots of tossing and turing mixed in.
Alas, last night though it cooled down enough that I actually got about 7 hours of glorious sleep. I am not awake and feel like I am actually rested and have a little energy. Which is good because the plan for today is to do some cleaning, take the dogs for a walk with katie and maybe even go play a couple hours of drop in Bingo.
Yes, I know it is silly but I do enjoy going to bingo every once in a while. It is a chance to so something amusing for a couple of hours and you actually get the chance to possibly win a little bit of money. Not that I win often but if you never try you never will. Katie had a good day yesterday. She left the house looking suitably Zombified as it was the annual Zombiewalk yesterday in Vancouver, BC
For those of you who may not know about Zombiewalk. It is where people dress up as zombie and survivors and go wandering the streets of whichever city they live to put on a good show. Including pretending to eat other people and running from the zombies. This is Katie's second year going last year she was a survivor but this year the call of being a zombie was just to much, so she dressed up as a zombie for the festivities. I normally would not let her go wandering downtown Vancouver but she was with her cousin jordan and I don't want her missing out on an event that she seems to enjoy alot.
Have you ever participated in a Zombiewalk?