Thursday, August 2, 2012

Long Time Crazy

I realize that I have been MIA for the last few weeks but it has really been crazy in my life and I have had alot to deal with.
On top of working and try to keep the house in some sort of semblence of order it looks as though my husband may have had a small stroke. This was realize after a particularly hairy night in which I do not really want to go into the details as it was a little to scary. That part of the scariness is now over and we are waiting for Darcy to have a EEG, it is kind of like an ECG but on the head. It is just a fancy test to check the brain waves and it will let the Neurologist that he is going to see have a better look as to what is going on in his brain.
On the bright side though this has forced the situation and I now have my own car to get myself to and from work. It is a wonderful little car it's a 2003 PT Cruiser. Getting the funding for this car though is a post of its own which I will share another day.
Anyways Darcy has been told that he should not drive until he is cleared by the neurologist and the family dr has written his off from work for 2 weeks in which we have a follow-up for tomorrow. I guess with all of this we just have to wait and see as to what for sure is going on with Darcy and his brain. Have you had times in your life when the crazy just took over?

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