Monday, August 20, 2012

Contacts, Dogs & A Fresh Week

Well, yesterday was not as accomplishing that I had hoped but all in all it was pretty good. Katie had made some serious good coin over the weekend and wanted to go shopping to pick up somethings that she was after. So off we went to the mall specifically what she was after was colored contacts and a new bellybutton ring. So one of the first stores that we hit was called BodyMods.
It is actually pretty cool store especially for body jewellery. Another prize that she found to buy was some Manson style colored contacts. Why, she was after this I could not tell you except that she had the idea in her head and some money to back up her idea so she decided on a green pair and away we went.
Isn't she impressive with her crocadile green eyeballs. I left the room while she put them in because I can handle pretty much about anything except when it comes to eyeballs. Anything to do with them and I get squirmish and I have no idea why. We finished off the evening with Tia the puppy deciding at 11:30pm that it was time to play and wrestle with her stuffed moose. She was so cute trying to get us to play fetch and at the same time not giving up the toy.
Now it is Monday morning and I am getting ready to start my new week of working and living. What did you for excitement on Sunday?