Thursday, July 12, 2012

Medication Done

My medication is all done at this point. Now I just need to make an appointment with my doctor to get my bloodwork done and make sure that it is all back in working order and that there are no lingering infection in my body because I definately do not want to go through this again.
The blood result I am most interested in is my C-Reactive Protein aslo known as CRP. Why you ask. Well the answer is quite simple when I was in the hospital on the first night my CRP came back at 65 and according the the hospital it should be 10 or less. So for me that was quite alarming so I really want to make sure that it is back down to within normal range. Especially after doing some research on CRP levels in the body. It can go up based on infection but there are other reasons as well that it can be elevated and what it means if it is elevated can have some consequences. After the bloodwork comes back I will make my decision as to how to go forward with getting healthy. Ending up in the hospital and being sick has affected my get healthy plan and it will be nice to get it back on track. Especially when I can leave the confines of buildings without worrying about a round of the runs attacking me. I learned this the hard way when I walked up to the store the other day and barely made it home because I had to go so badly. Have you ever had a blood test result that worried you.