Monday, July 9, 2012

Hospitals And Heat

I must apologise for not being here for a while but sometimes things are beyond our control. A little over 2 weeks ago I had a couple of molars pulled at the dentist and was put on antibiotics. Within 24 hours I ended up at the hospital with a fever and chills and the pain in my face was something else. What did that do for me? I ended up being admitted into the hospital for 5 days. Yes, that is right I said 5 days. Turns out I was almost septic when I showed up at the hospital so until they got the infection under control they kept me there.
Of course, me being the one who was sick and in the hospital was not as concerned as my family. I think personally that I was to sick to care. The Dr.'s spend 3 days trying different antibiotics until they found one that seemed to do the job and then on top of it they added antivirals as well. I did not do to much eating while I was there because let's face it, Hospital food is not the most appetizing food to eat. Although we did get belgian waffles for breakfast on Canada Day. That is right I spent Canada Day in the hospital. Anywho I am out now and they have me on oral antibiotics and antivirals to make sure the infection is gone for good. Something interesting happened while I was in the hospital it somehow became summer. All of a sudden it is too warm to be inside and even being outside is on the side of to warm as well. Because I am working nights and need to try to catch a nap before heading to work the idea of napping in this heat was almost unbearable. Fortunately, I have a very thoughtful husband he went out yesterday and bought a small air conditioner for our bedroom so that the temperature in our room can stay down and I can get my naps in.
So while I am still on the mend and now being able to sleep things should start looking better. I am almost thankful I work nights because when I get off from work it is starting to cool off and I can be outside without sweltering. How is your summer turning out?