Monday, June 18, 2012

Something Different

Since some things in my professional life have not been working out the way I had hoped it's time to start switching things up. I am still going to work towards the goals that I have already stated but add a few more positive components. I have been reading this book called "Zero To Zillionaire" it is not just a finance book but also a book on how to bring positive things into your life. I am going t use some of the books positive affirmations and incorporate some of my own. I am going to focus on going in my life where I will have the abundance and good experiences that are due to me. I want to end up where hard work matters and I have a real opportunity to advance in my career. Now for all of you reading this it does not mean that I am going to will-nilly quit my job but that I am going to be open about making the changes that will make it easier to get to my goal of RN. IF that means at some point switching jobs I will not be afraid or hold myself back from taking advantage of the situation. I will do as the book suggest and repeat these affirmations several times per day for a minimum of 21 days and see what changes take place both personally and career-wise. I am sure the first couple of times I do this I will probably feel pretty silly but in the long run I believe that it will work. Have you ever tried positive affirmations? Did they work for you?