Friday, June 15, 2012


Have you ever been so angry that you actually end up in tears. I have worked very hard over the last year, resheduled and put things like my surgery on hold, I usually start early and do anything extra that is asked of me. Yet here I am stuck in casusl land. It is pretty demorilizing when you work as hard as you do and get bypassed for promotions. It is making me look very hard at where I am in my life and how I can change it as FAST AS POSSIBLE. If you can't be recognized for all that you do or going that extra mile helping out then there it is pointless. I do not begrudge the people that got the promotions, I am very happy for them. It is making me realize that I give to much of myself to any position I have. Over the next few days I am ging to seriously be re-evaluating where I am and where I intend to be within the year. \