Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rainy Days

It is finally Thursday which brings us one day closer to Friday. This week has been really busy and I have gotten quite a few hours in at work this week. Even though it is Thursday it is really grey outside and raining quite steadily. On days like this I find that I just wanted to stay curled up in bed all work under the blankets. However, if I do that nothing will get done today. I need to force myself to get up and start getting things done especially since my kitchen looks like a disaster zone. Of course days like this were much more fun when I was little because when it rains out it creates the perfect puddles for jumping in. Haha just in case you need an ego boost. Well, I'm off to clean so I guess I will be making my sexiness go away now all while dreaming of jumping in some puddles like when I was a carefree kid. Do you miss jumping in puddles on rainy days?