Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Port Is Starting To Empty

I am really enjoying the book "Zero To Zillionaire" and I am finding quite a bit of the information within very useful. I especially enjoy the writers phillosophy about ships. It goes into depth explaining that you need to send ships out to sea befre you can ever have a ship come in. So starting today I will be working very hard at emptying out my port of all ships which will mean that it will enevitable that my ship will come in. The sooner I send the ships out the earlier I can expect at least one to return. There are only a few minor adjustments that I need to make to my theretical ships befre they can set sail and leave home port. I am focused and will succeed in getting all my ships to sail before the end of the week. I am in a very positive spot right now and feel very good about my goals for the near and distant future. I know what I want and need to do and am positive that I will be successful. I don't even feel silly saying my affirmations. I thught I would but saying them fills me with this new feeling of energy that leaves my mind peaceful and ready to start taking the steps that I need to take without the overly loud negative thoughts getting in my way. How many ships have you sent out this week so far?